Greg’s 6 Year Anniversary!!


No worries, this is not a farewell, this is a GREG Celebration!!!

Greg made his first coffee drink here 1 year ago today.  However, Greg has been a barista/manager for Lulu’s for 6 years now!  That’s right.  Many of you are just getting to know Greg, but he ran our North location for almost 5 years.  A year ago, we sold that location. 3 stores+2 kids=too much.  But we wouldn’t let him get away.  After all Greg is a genius—a wicked brilliant sales genius!  We know if you needed coffee beans, loose leaf tea, or that scone to go with your coffee.  You might ask, but sometimes as customers you forget that you have these needs and Greg is always helpful to remind you.  Greg connects with co-workers and customers in such a casual, comfortable way you don’t even notice. Training is more of a conversation with the employee instead of shoving new information in his/her ear. He finds ways to connect with customers that most general managers scoff at.  So now he pours lattes at this Lulu’s, and was just what we needed to complete our incredible coffee team.  His contributions have raised the bar at Lulu’s and we appreciate the opportunity to work with him every day.  So get in here folks, and buy those beans, tea, scones and cookies.  After all, he’s going to ask anyway.