Behind the Bar 101

Contest Feb 2013a

We all know there is power within coffee. Not only is the caffeine addicting, but the smell and taste of it as well. There’s community found in a mug. There’s health found in a carafe. There’s also power behind the bar where your coffee is made. Whether you’re brewing at home or going to your local coffee shop every morning, this class will help you understand the basics of that strength.

Do you know the difference between espresso and coffee? Do you know the difference between brewing methods? We will not only talk to you about these differences but also be able to show you. You’ll be able to work the beans yourself, and try pulling and brewing your own shots of espresso. You will step by step make your favorite caramel latte.

Back in April and May we came up with the idea to have a class that featured these basics. It was offered in the silent auction we had for fund- raising our trip to Chicago for Coffee Fest. It was a wonderful success and the ladies who won the experience loved being able to steam their own milk, and trying their hand in some latte art.

We decided this was so fun and education we wanted to offer regular classes. This is your chance to learn more about coffee. This is your chance to get some hands on demonstration and experience as a barista. If you have a machine at home we can help you better understand it. Heck, send your teenager to the class so they can make you a latte in the mornings! If you’re looking for new beans and/or methods of brewing your favorites, we can help you find what best suits your lifestyle. This is your chance to ask all the questions you ever wanted to know.

Lulu’s owner Steve Young and lead barista Amanda Drozd will be your guides. The first class will be offered Thursday, November 7th, from 6-8pm. It’s only $30 per person to sign up, or two for $55. The minimum number of people is two, the maximum is four, and please, no children. We have some spots reserved so stop by the store, call us, or send us a message on Facebook. Ask us about the class and how we can help you understand what we’re always studying.