It’s a Cable-Knit Sweater Kind of Joy


DSCN2576For those of us oblivious to the date because of busy and back to school schedules, it’s October! Our sunnier days are numbered like the green of leaves. It’s my second autumn in Indianapolis and the beginning of my second year at Lulu’s. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’ve already had multiple pumpkin spice lattes and accepted the sad fate of our key lime pie.

If you’re like me though, you’ve been waiting for this season to start. I know it’s prettier here than the last town I lived in. There are more places to go on the weekends for breakfast. The coffee shops were not stocked with so many aesthetically pleasing drinks–there’s something to be said for the steam off a spiced chai or a smooth single-extraction dripping coffee into your favorite mug. If I didn’t work here most days I’d be soaking up the Wi-Fi like a cat soaking in sunlight on a high-backed comfy chair. I’d eat scones like calories didn’t matter and shovel quiche in my face as if I were paid by the egg and spinach leaf consumed. To be honest, you’ll most likely see me here doing something similar on my days off.

My job isn’t about drinking free coffee or making tips to help pay the bills. My barista job is about every day feeling like your putting on your favorite sweater or, finally, those thick socks your grandma got you for your birthday back in June. I’m here, we’re all here, to help you feel like you’re in your own kitchen. Like you’re sitting in your living room or at your desk in the den turned office. We like round tables and sharing The Indianapolis Star. We like laughing over horoscopes in Nuvo. We too are X-ing out the days on the calendar until fall breaks, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Clouds and cold bring people together, but nothing really does like a conversation over coffee or cinnamon and clove infused air.


DSCN2579Written by our own Amanda Drozd.  For those of you who don’t know Amanda is a writer.  She has a degree in Creative Writing from Ball State University.  She has been published in The Reckless Writing Anthology.  Published by a local Indianapolis Company, Chatterhouse Press.  Available online at  Look for her sassy wit here on Lulu’s Coffee + Bakehouse Blog