All about the Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Just a fun and quick blog for the greatest pie holiday since March 14th became national! (Pi day, 3.14…) Amanda is linking you to the best songs about pie. Tiffany has come up with the top 10 reasons to buy pie this season! So relax, don’t strain your eyes to read paragraphs of text, just listen to some good music while you are cooking or creating your shopping lists for the week.

Lulu’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy Pie

10.  Pies can be considered a healthier dessert option. Our Apple Pie contains 4 whole apples and oatmeal. There’s Pumpkin, Blueberry, Peach…Think of the antioxidants, pecans, walnuts and almonds, oh my!

9.  A piece of pie makes an excellent breakfast the next day (see nutritional facts above).

8.  It puts owner Steve and head baker Kyle to work for two days straight! I think we all remember the onesy picture…

7.  We can make your pie in glass so you can tell everyone you made it. You’re a chef for the rest of the day! Perhaps the week!

6.  It’s job security for local employees.

5.  It’s a small business. You are helping send kids to college!

4.  Pie embodies the patriotic spirit! (See link to music below)

3.  Make your baristas compete for your order with latte art competition.

2.  Great gift for the hostess, your favorite teacher, or a good friend.

And the number 1 reason to Buy Pie……Drum Roll Please… It Tastes Good, Enough Said