Spring is in the air; Is that pie in your hair?


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Phew, is it all finally over? The holidays, the travels or rush to get your house clean before company is over. Buying presents for Christmas, winter birthdays, Valentines Day, and hoping they’re delivered on time. Fighting for parking spots and shorter grocery lines during snowstorms. How many snowmen did you count while walking the dog on a purple-frosted morning? And despite a few extra noisy days with the kids at home, I know some moms and dads were thankful to have that extra day for snow angels and shoveling lessons.

There’s nothing like hibernation…fleece pajamas sets you swore you’d never wear until the -40 wind-chill set in, knee high socks in knee high slippers, a bottomless cup of coffee. When I’m home with the cat he beckons me to snuggle while catching up on TV shows. Animal or human, we love to be homebodies. The cold and holiday craze just sets in our bones until we’re sufficiently warm and rested. After awhile though there are only so many times you can reheat turkey leftovers or make ham and bean soup. Your pumpkin spice cravings lasted until the last bite of pie hit your mouth.

That’s why this blogging bear is finally ready to get out of hibernation mode and get back to living mode.  We get so busy in our lives, and not just during the holidays. We start school or graduate from it, get engaged or go through a break up; juggle the schedules of our daughter’s soccer practice, yoga, and the dinner menu. Another year passes and it seems like there’s more things to add to the TO DO list instead of lines through the ALREADY DONE.

But where is your bucket list? What haven’t you crossed out on that? And when was the last time you thought about scheduling some fun around the karate practice and a mile run?

Come participate in the first ever Lulu’s Pie Eating Contest! Represented best by one of the most famous numbers and symbols, 3.14159… or pi or p, we’ll be celebrating this March 14th at 4pm by watching people plow their faces into some cherry pie. Now is the time to rebel against your resolution to diet, the trainer that looks too much like Lucifer, or the parents who always told you to eat with a fork! This will bring new meaning to “not until all your food is finished”! Well at least not until 3 minutes and 14 seconds are up. We have 8 spots left, and all members get a mathematically funny Lulu’s t-shirt. The winner will receive a free pie every month for six months!

Stop in the store for more details and registration, and of course, a practice piece. Or call us at 317.879.1995. Like the endless number, our want for sweets never stops! We are drawn to the sugary sprinkled crust, the juicy fruit covered in flaky goodness. As much as our mind, and maybe the doctor, tells us not to, we want it all (queue the Queen song). So sign your name up with us and cross “Be in an Eating Contest” off your bucket list!  It’s better than water soaked hot dogs, and won’t burn your mouth like a pepper eating challenge. So come join us for some old fashioned fun, March 14. 

By Amanda Drozd