20 things about Easter, April 20th


IMG_2331 As you may have seen in previous blogs, I like lists. And since Easter falls on the 20th of the month I have come up with 20 things you can put in someone’s Easter basket. Or 20 ways you can break away from the diet for a day. Or 20 things to enjoy with friends and family while enjoying this beautiful weather. Your lifestyle, your choice, but here are some great things at Lulu’s…

  1. Loose Leaf Tea—nutritious and delicious!
  2. Tea Pots—gotta have something to put that tea into. We have a variety of colors as well as glass or ceramic!
  3. Coffee—whether it’s a cup in the morning or a pound for the week, we’ve gotcha covered. Light to Dark, local roast or further out in the Midwest.
  4. Aeropress—the mini, concentrated, much better than, French press, great for someone who likes to camp.
  5. Clever Dripper—a newer way to brew, mixes a tea like steep with a coffee like punch.
  6. Hot Straws—good for the person who puts a straw in everything or doesn’t like to stain their teeth. Made out of recycled, BPA free plastic.
  7. Spring Cookie Tray—eggs and bunnies and chicks, oh my!
  8. Chai—amazing spiced or vanilla flavors. Sugar free vanilla as well. We’ve got smaller bags for the weekend drinker, and bigger ones for sending to your kid in college.
  9. Pie—just incase you missed the pie eating contest here, start a new tradition at home! Key lime is back in season!
  10. Sweet Bread—many can enjoy a loaf of bread. They also make great French toast in the morning! We suggest the Orange Cranberry or Kentucky Butter Cake.
  11. Scones—in our regular size for a dozen, or try a few different flavors by ordering mini scones. They’re a great car companion while traveling.
  12. Muffins—did you know we make gluten free flavors?
  13. Quart of Fruit or Quinoa—be the healthier voice of reason at your potluck!
  14. Boxed Coffee/Tea—96oz of nectar from this sweet earth! Plus, you might save yourself from some watered down instant bean. We can also do boxes of hot chocolate or chai.
  15. Mix & Match 6 Pack—it’s buy 5 get 1 free! Fun for kids to be able to pick and choose, but I know you’ve been eyeing a few for yourself to try once lent is over.
  16. Gift Card—any increment, any items, never expires.
  17. Tea Party for Two—the cutest sandwiches you’ll ever see, and maybe a little tea education as well. Great for friends catching up or kids dressing up!
  18. Cake Bites—4 flavors, 6 in a pack, get 1 free. We can also do small trays for the family to share.
  19. Behind the Bar 101—a 2 hour education over what it’s like to be a barista. You’ll learn about coffee and different ways to brew, as well as how to pull espresso shots, make a latte, and maybe latte art! Talk to your barista about details. We are more than willing to figure out a date and time that works best for your group of friends or family members!
  20. Rent the Shop—did you know you can rent out Lulu’s for a party? Shower? Small dinner with friends? We can cater food for you, help decorate, or just stand back and let you do what you’d like with the space while it’s yours. Book an office party with us, tell your neighbor about the space for their kids sweet sixteen. Or if you want an intimate dining experience with your college girlfriends without the hustle and bustle of a downtown, crowded, hard-to-find-parking-near restaurant, then you NEED to call or email for details!

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the heating bills are lowering, and the flora and fauna are growing up. While driving the country roads this weekend I saw all kinds of life on the side of the road—horses playing, sheep grazing on a hill, a cat in the grass ready to pounce. There’s no denying that this a wonderful time of the year, one to shed our winter skin and celebrate life. So let us help you celebrate. Let us help put smiles on those faces, fill those baskets and bellies.


Amanda Drozd