Lulu's 12 years

Who would have thought a dozen years ago that Steve and I would own a coffee shop and bakery?  Neither of us even drank coffee when we first bought Lulu’s, and now we can’t picture the morning, afternoon, evening, or vacation without it.  I guess being bakers and getting up at 4:30am tends to make you appreciate coffee in ways others may not.

Over the last 12 years we’ve made countless cups of coffee, scones, pies, and best of all, friendships.  We’ve helped get your mornings started, talked about the weather, shared recipes, and watched the round table morning crew grow; some brave women have even joined too! We’ve watched your kids grow up, watched your kids have kids, and even moved together.  Maybe it’s because our baked goods have been at so many of your family’s holiday tables we just feel like part of your family.

It’s one of the funnest, challenging, stressful, and rewarding jobs we could have.  We appreciate seeing each and every one of you every day.  It astounds me walking through the dining room and seeing original customers from that first, very nervous day when Amber and Liza turned over the keys.  Hopefully, you’ve seen us grow and seen the enjoyment we get from serving all of you.

These days, if you want to visit with us you have to get here early or stop by in the afternoon.  This summer we had the opportunity to purchase a new business.  Kennedy Hardware is a restoration antique hardware store in Zionsville, open 9-4.  Luckily for us, we’re used to getting up early so we can still get a few hours in at Lulu’s before our new store opens for the day.  It used to be owned by our neighbors who decided to retire.  Much like Lulu’s we are still learning a bit, but don’t worry, fall is coming and we’ll be back working our full days at Lulu’s.  In the meantime, we still start our morning with coffee, and end our days with coffee so you’ll see us around.   In between, we know you are being well taken care of by our super supportive and excellent staff.  Thank you all so much for sharing your lives with us.  Be sure to stop in September 5, 2014 for some dozen year deals!!


Steve and Tiffany