It’s a Boo-tiful time of the year

pumpkin pie2


Oh the pumpkin season is upon us! Quick, if you’re not in your favorite coffee shop by 5pm you’ll turn into a giant pumpkin spice latte! Oh the sweet, spiced horror of it!

Yes some people consider this season to be worse than a 60’s black and white horror film. The humidity hung around for a while so it didn’t quite feel like autumn was falling around. Pumpkin lattes and apple cider in September seemed a little early, but the cold is upon us now. The leaves have started to change, and a Sunday morning cooking breakfast has never smelled so good with fresh coffee in the Chemex and crackling bacon in the skillet.

Just the other weekend a group of us gathered for a birthday and gathered around the fire pit in the backyard. I had to bring apple cider, warmed in mugs, and passed it around to my friends. We broke out scarves and pea coats but didn’t let seeing our breath keep us from seeing each other and saying goodbye to the warmth of those summer nights. We ate so much food not fearing of losing our beach bodies. We’re all treating ourselves after a hardworking heat filled couple of months–no tricks for dieting.

Summer is a time for juicy and sweet. Sticky fingers from popsicles, grass stains, sweat stains, chlorine stinging eyes, and sand in spots you didn’t know sand could travel; traveling across country or just across town for some live music or the tallest roller-coaster. We live la vie Bohème, the bohemian life. We’re thrill seekers in the summer.  We’ll die trying something new, or from heat exhaustion. But in autumn, when the sun starts to set just a little bit early and nights bring the hint of a sweatshirt, then we live la vie à la maison, the home life.

I love fall. We shed our heated, sun-kissed skin and ready ourselves for a season of learning, gathering food for our nests, collecting family and friends, and buying out Target on bathing suits, because they’re like 75% off right now! It’s a time to start making a mental note on all the movies you can’t wait to watch curled up next to someone. I think of my best friend showing her daughter It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or Hocus Pocus for the first time; getting started on her Halloween costume despite the odds of the three year old mind changing a billion times.

This is the time of year the store starts to get a little busier. You can see the heat from both ovens fogging the windows at 7am, 1,200 Halloween cookies on the baking list for the weekend—ghosts and pumpkins and leaves, oh my! People start to bring in books that look heavy and long, perfect for coffee shop reading or enjoying with tea and the fuzziest blanket you can find.  We get fun new soda flavors like Pumpkin Spice Tonic and Wicked Apple Brew, perfect for the kids’ sleepover while they’re convincing themselves the Ouija board is a scam and screaming in the bathroom over Bloody Mary. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread is constantly selling and soup bowls are continuously being washed.

No matter the weekend chores or homework catch up, stop by the shop and grab that Pumpkin Spiced Chai or steamed Toffee Apple Cider. Get a slice of Apple Cinnamon Cake to snack on while driving to the pumpkin patch. And keep in mind those pie orders for thanksgiving! We love making this time of year special for you just as much as you love breaking out that cable knit sweater and setting the heater to cozy.