A New Beginning…


June 12th marked a day for excitement, nervousness and new beginnings. As the transition of ownership continues, the love and support shown by the Lulu’s community to our entire Lulu’s family is truly appreciated. As promised we have not and do not anticipate on making any major changes in the menu. You might see some cosmetic changes here and there, but the magic that Steve and Tiffany have created we intend to maintain and hopefully expand upon. Again, thank you for your “open arm welcome”, its truly appreciated!

Oh the horror, movies that is…

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In 1984, at the age of 8, I saw Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street.  I don’t know why my parents would have allowed their 8 year-old daughter to watch that movie, but it was then that my love of horror movies was born.  Since then I have consumed horror and thriller movies with a rabid ferocity.  I love the taut feelings of anticipation, suspense, disgust, and fear that they create.  I love sitting in a darkened room, in the theatre or in my living room, with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and starring wide eyed at the flickering screen.  I love everything about the horror genre!  So, when I was asked to list my top 10 horror movie picks of all time, I jumped at the chance.  Listed below, in no particular order, are my top 10 horror movies of all times.

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  1. Nosferatu (1922) – Starring the German born actor and actress, Max Schrek and Greta Schroder.  This silent, unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s, Dracula, shot in black and white is terrifying and surrounded with urban myths and legends about the curse that befell all those involved with the making of this movie.
  2. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) – This is another silent, black and white movie that scares me even today.  The director’s use of shadow, lighting, make-up, and disorienting camera angles is amazing and creates a sincere feeling of unsettling fear.
  3. The Exorcist (1973) – Do I even need to explain this one?  Linda Blair is a legend and for my money, is the best projectile vomiter EVER!
  4. Halloween (1978) – Jamie Lee Curtis in her cinematic debut as Laurie Strode does battle with the evil Michael Meyers and from this point of genesis, her acting career and the Halloween series grew.
  5. The Shining (1980) – Stanley Kubrick applied his genius to Stephen King’s third published writing.  Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd, this movie has seared the phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, into my brain forever.
  6. Psycho (1960) – Norman Bates puts the “mama’s boy” character on an entirely different echelon.  On top of that, it was directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.  What else could you want?
  7. The Ring (2002) – Based on the original movie, Ring, by Koji Suzuki, this movie scares the stuffing out of me.  It combines my irrational fears of being trapped in a hole, deep water, and creepy little girls to make a masterfully suspenseful movie.
  8. It (1990) – Stephen King shows up on my list again here.  Pennywise the clown, played by Tim Curry, is the absolute epitome of the horror clown genre.  Bozo the clown with needle sharp teeth is the stuff of nightmares and bedwetting episodes.
  9. Strangers (2008) – I know, I know, Liv Tyler is not the best actress, but 3 creepy people wearing masks and taunting their stranded victims like a cat taunts a chipmunk before biting its head off, is painfully suspense building in the best of ways.
  10. Poltergeist (1982) – I was 12 years old when I saw this movie and the famous utterance made by Carol-Ann, “They’re Heeerrrrreee”, in a sing-song little girl voice still gives me chills.
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It’s a Boo-tiful time of the year

pumpkin pie2


Oh the pumpkin season is upon us! Quick, if you’re not in your favorite coffee shop by 5pm you’ll turn into a giant pumpkin spice latte! Oh the sweet, spiced horror of it!

Yes some people consider this season to be worse than a 60’s black and white horror film. The humidity hung around for a while so it didn’t quite feel like autumn was falling around. Pumpkin lattes and apple cider in September seemed a little early, but the cold is upon us now. The leaves have started to change, and a Sunday morning cooking breakfast has never smelled so good with fresh coffee in the Chemex and crackling bacon in the skillet.

Just the other weekend a group of us gathered for a birthday and gathered around the fire pit in the backyard. I had to bring apple cider, warmed in mugs, and passed it around to my friends. We broke out scarves and pea coats but didn’t let seeing our breath keep us from seeing each other and saying goodbye to the warmth of those summer nights. We ate so much food not fearing of losing our beach bodies. We’re all treating ourselves after a hardworking heat filled couple of months–no tricks for dieting.

Summer is a time for juicy and sweet. Sticky fingers from popsicles, grass stains, sweat stains, chlorine stinging eyes, and sand in spots you didn’t know sand could travel; traveling across country or just across town for some live music or the tallest roller-coaster. We live la vie Bohème, the bohemian life. We’re thrill seekers in the summer.  We’ll die trying something new, or from heat exhaustion. But in autumn, when the sun starts to set just a little bit early and nights bring the hint of a sweatshirt, then we live la vie à la maison, the home life.

I love fall. We shed our heated, sun-kissed skin and ready ourselves for a season of learning, gathering food for our nests, collecting family and friends, and buying out Target on bathing suits, because they’re like 75% off right now! It’s a time to start making a mental note on all the movies you can’t wait to watch curled up next to someone. I think of my best friend showing her daughter It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or Hocus Pocus for the first time; getting started on her Halloween costume despite the odds of the three year old mind changing a billion times.

This is the time of year the store starts to get a little busier. You can see the heat from both ovens fogging the windows at 7am, 1,200 Halloween cookies on the baking list for the weekend—ghosts and pumpkins and leaves, oh my! People start to bring in books that look heavy and long, perfect for coffee shop reading or enjoying with tea and the fuzziest blanket you can find.  We get fun new soda flavors like Pumpkin Spice Tonic and Wicked Apple Brew, perfect for the kids’ sleepover while they’re convincing themselves the Ouija board is a scam and screaming in the bathroom over Bloody Mary. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread is constantly selling and soup bowls are continuously being washed.

No matter the weekend chores or homework catch up, stop by the shop and grab that Pumpkin Spiced Chai or steamed Toffee Apple Cider. Get a slice of Apple Cinnamon Cake to snack on while driving to the pumpkin patch. And keep in mind those pie orders for thanksgiving! We love making this time of year special for you just as much as you love breaking out that cable knit sweater and setting the heater to cozy.



Lulu's 12 years

Who would have thought a dozen years ago that Steve and I would own a coffee shop and bakery?  Neither of us even drank coffee when we first bought Lulu’s, and now we can’t picture the morning, afternoon, evening, or vacation without it.  I guess being bakers and getting up at 4:30am tends to make you appreciate coffee in ways others may not.

Over the last 12 years we’ve made countless cups of coffee, scones, pies, and best of all, friendships.  We’ve helped get your mornings started, talked about the weather, shared recipes, and watched the round table morning crew grow; some brave women have even joined too! We’ve watched your kids grow up, watched your kids have kids, and even moved together.  Maybe it’s because our baked goods have been at so many of your family’s holiday tables we just feel like part of your family.

It’s one of the funnest, challenging, stressful, and rewarding jobs we could have.  We appreciate seeing each and every one of you every day.  It astounds me walking through the dining room and seeing original customers from that first, very nervous day when Amber and Liza turned over the keys.  Hopefully, you’ve seen us grow and seen the enjoyment we get from serving all of you.

These days, if you want to visit with us you have to get here early or stop by in the afternoon.  This summer we had the opportunity to purchase a new business.  Kennedy Hardware is a restoration antique hardware store in Zionsville, open 9-4.  Luckily for us, we’re used to getting up early so we can still get a few hours in at Lulu’s before our new store opens for the day.  It used to be owned by our neighbors who decided to retire.  Much like Lulu’s we are still learning a bit, but don’t worry, fall is coming and we’ll be back working our full days at Lulu’s.  In the meantime, we still start our morning with coffee, and end our days with coffee so you’ll see us around.   In between, we know you are being well taken care of by our super supportive and excellent staff.  Thank you all so much for sharing your lives with us.  Be sure to stop in September 5, 2014 for some dozen year deals!!


Steve and Tiffany

Summer Drinks for Mom’s Day


There’s a lot to be thankful for when the weather gets nicer.  As the months shed their calendar days we can shed some layers and start the cold drinks.  The air dries up and so do our mouths.  An Iced Mocha starts to sound better than an extra hot Chai.  Our bottomless House Iced Tea is constantly being brewed and the ice machine spitting out cubes.

The cool down is a relief which is why we’ve brought out some summer specials, Venetian Crème being the most popular.  This sweet treat is an Iced Coffee with our own sweetened Vanilla Cream, and Half and Half.  Did you know that we use a cold brew process to make what is known as Toddy Iced Coffee?  It’s a concentrated light roast Ethiopian that drips for approximately 8-12 hours.  It’s highly concentrated and caffeinated, and because of the process, less acidic to your taste buds and digestive system.  We also offer plain Iced Coffee, Decaf, and with any flavor or milk preference.  We also added gallon sizes to our summer specialties this year.  Just call in an order for a Gallon of any Iced Tea, Venetian Cream, Toddy, Arnold Palmer, or Flavored Lemonade.  Or pick one up form us on your way home from work.  They’d be a great edition to Mother’s Day THIS Sunday!!

For the lady who doesn’t mind the summer sweat on a cold glass of peach tea, or grandma who doesn’t have to give up the taste of coffee, just the jolt of it.  We can do any espresso drink decaf and have 3 different decaf teas.  If you have no plans at home why not treat mom to a Tea Party for Two, or Three, or Four, or MORE!!  Let us do ALL the work, besides choosing the 3 teas for you!  It’s a great little meal for friends to catch up, or nieces to laugh with aunts and moms, or a husband to celebrate his wife.  We’ve got all kinds of drinks and goodies for you to treat her with.  And if you’re just not sure if it’s skinny, or no whip, get her a gift card!  They never expire and any denomination can be put on there.  And sometimes as a mom, it’s nice to have the choice to just treat yourself.

20 things about Easter, April 20th

IMG_2331 As you may have seen in previous blogs, I like lists. And since Easter falls on the 20th of the month I have come up with 20 things you can put in someone’s Easter basket. Or 20 ways you can break away from the diet for a day. Or 20 things to enjoy with friends and family while enjoying this beautiful weather. Your lifestyle, your choice, but here are some great things at Lulu’s…

  1. Loose Leaf Tea—nutritious and delicious!
  2. Tea Pots—gotta have something to put that tea into. We have a variety of colors as well as glass or ceramic!
  3. Coffee—whether it’s a cup in the morning or a pound for the week, we’ve gotcha covered. Light to Dark, local roast or further out in the Midwest.
  4. Aeropress—the mini, concentrated, much better than, French press, great for someone who likes to camp.
  5. Clever Dripper—a newer way to brew, mixes a tea like steep with a coffee like punch.
  6. Hot Straws—good for the person who puts a straw in everything or doesn’t like to stain their teeth. Made out of recycled, BPA free plastic.
  7. Spring Cookie Tray—eggs and bunnies and chicks, oh my!
  8. Chai—amazing spiced or vanilla flavors. Sugar free vanilla as well. We’ve got smaller bags for the weekend drinker, and bigger ones for sending to your kid in college.
  9. Pie—just incase you missed the pie eating contest here, start a new tradition at home! Key lime is back in season!
  10. Sweet Bread—many can enjoy a loaf of bread. They also make great French toast in the morning! We suggest the Orange Cranberry or Kentucky Butter Cake.
  11. Scones—in our regular size for a dozen, or try a few different flavors by ordering mini scones. They’re a great car companion while traveling.
  12. Muffins—did you know we make gluten free flavors?
  13. Quart of Fruit or Quinoa—be the healthier voice of reason at your potluck!
  14. Boxed Coffee/Tea—96oz of nectar from this sweet earth! Plus, you might save yourself from some watered down instant bean. We can also do boxes of hot chocolate or chai.
  15. Mix & Match 6 Pack—it’s buy 5 get 1 free! Fun for kids to be able to pick and choose, but I know you’ve been eyeing a few for yourself to try once lent is over.
  16. Gift Card—any increment, any items, never expires.
  17. Tea Party for Two—the cutest sandwiches you’ll ever see, and maybe a little tea education as well. Great for friends catching up or kids dressing up!
  18. Cake Bites—4 flavors, 6 in a pack, get 1 free. We can also do small trays for the family to share.
  19. Behind the Bar 101—a 2 hour education over what it’s like to be a barista. You’ll learn about coffee and different ways to brew, as well as how to pull espresso shots, make a latte, and maybe latte art! Talk to your barista about details. We are more than willing to figure out a date and time that works best for your group of friends or family members!
  20. Rent the Shop—did you know you can rent out Lulu’s for a party? Shower? Small dinner with friends? We can cater food for you, help decorate, or just stand back and let you do what you’d like with the space while it’s yours. Book an office party with us, tell your neighbor about the space for their kids sweet sixteen. Or if you want an intimate dining experience with your college girlfriends without the hustle and bustle of a downtown, crowded, hard-to-find-parking-near restaurant, then you NEED to call or email for details!

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the heating bills are lowering, and the flora and fauna are growing up. While driving the country roads this weekend I saw all kinds of life on the side of the road—horses playing, sheep grazing on a hill, a cat in the grass ready to pounce. There’s no denying that this a wonderful time of the year, one to shed our winter skin and celebrate life. So let us help you celebrate. Let us help put smiles on those faces, fill those baskets and bellies.


Amanda Drozd

Spring is in the air; Is that pie in your hair?

DSCN2370 DSCN2359 DSCN2006

Phew, is it all finally over? The holidays, the travels or rush to get your house clean before company is over. Buying presents for Christmas, winter birthdays, Valentines Day, and hoping they’re delivered on time. Fighting for parking spots and shorter grocery lines during snowstorms. How many snowmen did you count while walking the dog on a purple-frosted morning? And despite a few extra noisy days with the kids at home, I know some moms and dads were thankful to have that extra day for snow angels and shoveling lessons.

There’s nothing like hibernation…fleece pajamas sets you swore you’d never wear until the -40 wind-chill set in, knee high socks in knee high slippers, a bottomless cup of coffee. When I’m home with the cat he beckons me to snuggle while catching up on TV shows. Animal or human, we love to be homebodies. The cold and holiday craze just sets in our bones until we’re sufficiently warm and rested. After awhile though there are only so many times you can reheat turkey leftovers or make ham and bean soup. Your pumpkin spice cravings lasted until the last bite of pie hit your mouth.

That’s why this blogging bear is finally ready to get out of hibernation mode and get back to living mode.  We get so busy in our lives, and not just during the holidays. We start school or graduate from it, get engaged or go through a break up; juggle the schedules of our daughter’s soccer practice, yoga, and the dinner menu. Another year passes and it seems like there’s more things to add to the TO DO list instead of lines through the ALREADY DONE.

But where is your bucket list? What haven’t you crossed out on that? And when was the last time you thought about scheduling some fun around the karate practice and a mile run?

Come participate in the first ever Lulu’s Pie Eating Contest! Represented best by one of the most famous numbers and symbols, 3.14159… or pi or p, we’ll be celebrating this March 14th at 4pm by watching people plow their faces into some cherry pie. Now is the time to rebel against your resolution to diet, the trainer that looks too much like Lucifer, or the parents who always told you to eat with a fork! This will bring new meaning to “not until all your food is finished”! Well at least not until 3 minutes and 14 seconds are up. We have 8 spots left, and all members get a mathematically funny Lulu’s t-shirt. The winner will receive a free pie every month for six months!

Stop in the store for more details and registration, and of course, a practice piece. Or call us at 317.879.1995. Like the endless number, our want for sweets never stops! We are drawn to the sugary sprinkled crust, the juicy fruit covered in flaky goodness. As much as our mind, and maybe the doctor, tells us not to, we want it all (queue the Queen song). So sign your name up with us and cross “Be in an Eating Contest” off your bucket list!  It’s better than water soaked hot dogs, and won’t burn your mouth like a pepper eating challenge. So come join us for some old fashioned fun, March 14. 

By Amanda Drozd

All about the Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Just a fun and quick blog for the greatest pie holiday since March 14th became national! (Pi day, 3.14…) Amanda is linking you to the best songs about pie. Tiffany has come up with the top 10 reasons to buy pie this season! So relax, don’t strain your eyes to read paragraphs of text, just listen to some good music while you are cooking or creating your shopping lists for the week.


Lulu’s Top 10 Reasons to Buy Pie

10.  Pies can be considered a healthier dessert option. Our Apple Pie contains 4 whole apples and oatmeal. There’s Pumpkin, Blueberry, Peach…Think of the antioxidants, pecans, walnuts and almonds, oh my!

9.  A piece of pie makes an excellent breakfast the next day (see nutritional facts above).

8.  It puts owner Steve and head baker Kyle to work for two days straight! I think we all remember the onesy picture…

7.  We can make your pie in glass so you can tell everyone you made it. You’re a chef for the rest of the day! Perhaps the week!

6.  It’s job security for local employees.

5.  It’s a small business. You are helping send kids to college!

4.  Pie embodies the patriotic spirit! (See link to music below)

3.  Make your baristas compete for your order with latte art competition.

2.  Great gift for the hostess, your favorite teacher, or a good friend.

And the number 1 reason to Buy Pie……Drum Roll Please… It Tastes Good, Enough Said


Behind the Bar 101

Contest Feb 2013a

We all know there is power within coffee. Not only is the caffeine addicting, but the smell and taste of it as well. There’s community found in a mug. There’s health found in a carafe. There’s also power behind the bar where your coffee is made. Whether you’re brewing at home or going to your local coffee shop every morning, this class will help you understand the basics of that strength.

Do you know the difference between espresso and coffee? Do you know the difference between brewing methods? We will not only talk to you about these differences but also be able to show you. You’ll be able to work the beans yourself, and try pulling and brewing your own shots of espresso. You will step by step make your favorite caramel latte.

Back in April and May we came up with the idea to have a class that featured these basics. It was offered in the silent auction we had for fund- raising our trip to Chicago for Coffee Fest. It was a wonderful success and the ladies who won the experience loved being able to steam their own milk, and trying their hand in some latte art.

We decided this was so fun and education we wanted to offer regular classes. This is your chance to learn more about coffee. This is your chance to get some hands on demonstration and experience as a barista. If you have a machine at home we can help you better understand it. Heck, send your teenager to the class so they can make you a latte in the mornings! If you’re looking for new beans and/or methods of brewing your favorites, we can help you find what best suits your lifestyle. This is your chance to ask all the questions you ever wanted to know.

Lulu’s owner Steve Young and lead barista Amanda Drozd will be your guides. The first class will be offered Thursday, November 7th, from 6-8pm. It’s only $30 per person to sign up, or two for $55. The minimum number of people is two, the maximum is four, and please, no children. We have some spots reserved so stop by the store, call us, or send us a message on Facebook. Ask us about the class and how we can help you understand what we’re always studying.


G.ustatory F.lavor S.ensations



What’s the first thing you do when you have a really good meal?

You tell someone about it.

“Have you tried their soup yet? It’s fantastic.”

“Take a bite. No seriously, you need to try this!”

“I’ve had that special before. It is so good I’ll split it with you.”DSCN2455

You keep going back because you crave the house-baked croutons. Before your friend can finish the question, what’s your fav…you boast over a bowl of loaded baked potato soup. Your eyes always linger over to the Lorraine quiche and quinoa salad.

What you may never see is the binders full of recipes for all the baked goods you most likely try to resist. But who can resist a cookie that takes you back to when Mom always let you lick the batter off the spoon? How can you really know warmth without having a cup of chicken noodle soup on a windy day?  What if next time instead of saying, I’m trying to be good, you say, I’m trying to treat myself today.

They’re sweet treats for a reason, and ours our made from scratch. Majority of the menu at our store is made from the same recipes our grandmas handed down to our moms, then on to us. Other favorites were found during hours of Pintrest practices and the fine combing of Food.com.

It’s too easy to fall into the routine of the same menu and product. There will always be your favorites, but moving forward is a must. This is what brings us to the Gordon Food Service show every year. We like to see the new ways our existing product can be used to liven up your lunch, or see new products that will help replenish our hearing of hearty requests.

DSCN2452This September I went down to Louisville for my first, and hopefully not last, GFS show. They wanted a new eye and set of taste buds to help in recipe research, private party possibilities, small plates, and anything that could help us just mix up yet maintain the menu they’ve had for 11 years.

Some things we didn’t know we needed until we  tried our celery sticks in edamame hummus. We watched a presentation on ways to pump up wraps, like using cinnamon chipotle cream cheese or crushing chips onto roast beef. Steve’s already tried his hands in bacon jam and I’ve made a test batch of jalapeño and cilantro ranch.

There were so many samples and venues to consider I should’ve reconsidered a second break. I was full all the next day. There were over 100 stations to check out, and even though a lot had the same kind of item each one was unique. I had a spiritual moment over beef brisket. I didn’t know how many types of mustard there could be, or how much I’d like poppy seed and lime oil.  They say no man is an island but Tiffany could’ve fused with the islands of brownies, cookies, and cheesecakes. And the cheese…SO MUCH CHEESE. I don’t think I’ve eaten so much cheese in a day, no in a week’s time!DSCN2437

Now I know it seems like all we did was drive out of state to pick and choose tiny portions of our lunch that day but different stations like this have great ideas for private parties like showers and birthdays, and catering events through our sister store Midday Deli. Currently they offer a baked potato bar that I didn’t know was possible until I started working here. Imagine making it easy on kids to have a build your own mac and cheese bar at their next birthday party. You have not had mac and cheese until you’ve tried Reuben or Bacon Maple macaroni and cheddar. Picture your girls’ night out at Painting with a Twist, with yummy espresso rubbed Brie with red seedless grapes and pita chips from Lulu’s to snack on.

GFS offers a lot of prepared products heat and serve goodies, and yes, we make most all of our items in house, so how does spending a day at the food show help?  We pick the food trends, new and exciting ingredients and flavor profiles that will most complement our menu. We sniff out good recipes from employees, customers, relatives, the web, etc.  Then the hard work comes in—someone has to taste all these new recipes right? So be brave. Try that crazy creative special. We won’t judge you drooling over a breakfast sandwich or quiche with corned beef hash. We’re excited for new soups, like Pork Salsa Verde, or Sausage Kale Potato. We can now even sell it to you in half gallon size. Thanks to the awesome new soup boxes we found it will be easier for you to take home for dinner, or to a lunch meeting at the office. Chances are with all the time and research behind these new items, they are going to be a new favorite. So grab an old favorite or try something bold and new, but stop in, grab a cup and ask us what we’ve learned.

Amanda Drozd, Lead Barista and Author    DSCN2433