Behind the Bar 101

Nov 2013

Ever wondered…

about the difference between espresso and coffee

what a single extraction is

how we brew our iced coffee

if you could free pour latte art-it is just milk and espresso after all…how hard could it be?

Well, here’s your chance to get behind the bar for some hands on answers.  Amanda GEGE

(competed in this year’s Coffee Fest Latte Art Contest ) and Steve will take you from the barista (yeah, that’s what we’re called) basics to actually pouring latte art.  Now you probably won’t pour anything like this on your first try,rosetta

but if our six year old can do it, you can do it too.  Classes are $30 per person 2 person minimum/4 person maximum.  Must be signed up by Friday November 1, 2013.  Please contact us at 317-879-1995 to enroll in an awesome experience.  Also, this class would make a fabulous holiday gift idea.

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